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Liquid Death x Netflix

The No Brainer

16% of viewers who were served the ad watched the ENTIRE 30 minutes

And then we topped it off with an extensive Vegas takeover

If zombies invaded your home, would you know what to do?

When Netflix hit up Liquid Death to see if they’d be interested in doing anything to help promote Zack Snyder’s new zombie heist film, we said hell yes.

Our idea: Let’s make the world question whether zombies are real (anything could happen these days) by creating a headband that holds cans of cold water around your head, hiding your warm brains from Zombie’s heat sensing vision. We called it the No Brainer.

From product development to long form content to flash mobs to social posts, this campaign does it all.

We made a real 30 minute infomercial that aired in full on TV, streamed on social and pre-roll

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