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But if that’s not enough for you, we chanced across an interview where some lady named Vicka claims that she once visited Heaven. We changed all the “Heavens” to “Party Land” and it ended up being a pretty accurate description of us. So, here it is.


Question: Vicka, tell us about Party Land.

Vicka: Party Land is a vast space. It has a brilliant light which does not leave it. It is a life which we do not know here on earth. I saw people dressed in gray, pink, and yellow robes. They were walking and singing. Small angels were flying above them. The Blessed Mother showed me how happy these people are.


Question: How could you tell they were happy?


Vicka: You can see it on their faces. But it is impossible to describe with words the great happiness I saw in Party Land. People in Party Land know the absolute fullness of a created being.


Question: How long were you there?


Vicka: ...maybe twenty minutes.

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