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Work from our past while at Droga5


Digital // Film // Social // Experiential // Print // Merch Design // OOH

Marketing isn’t about reaching everyone— it’s about reaching the right ones.
How focusing on the right individuals beat talking to the masses.

MailChimp, an email marketing service, needed a way to cut through the crowd and speak directly to owners of creative companies. Moreover, they needed the message to resonate with the group who are typically allergic to brand messaging.

The solution: A global, underground, multi-faceted, infiltration of pop culture that drove millions of consumers to scour the internet for more pieces of the campaign.

It began with the infamous mispronunciation of the brand’s name in the podcast Serial.  From there, we created nine campaigns that reached customers using MailChimp’s target marketing products. 

While each campaign rhymed with MailChimp, we never let on in the ads.

That was for people to figure out on their own. 

And figure it out, they did

We made films

Three hyper-realistic, short films featuring a singing sandwich, a piñata penitentiary, and a dog made out of kale, coupled with movie posters played as trailers before big movies in theaters.

We infiltrated the music industry

We developed a super group with Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes and Solange-favorite Bryndon Cook to the tune of 1.3 millions streams and reviews by Rolling Stone and Pitchfork. Even Brian Eno got in on the fun with our whale-sound synthesizer.

We made food

We gave out 200,000 bags of crushed potato chips, prompting PopSugar to name our FailChips to the list of best new snacks of 2017. Someone even created a real knock-off brand in Indonesia.

And we took on fashion and beauty.

NailChamp pit nail artists against each other online.