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From startup to stardom

How we partnered with a brand to generate an earned-media-palooza.

We signed with Liquid Death in June of 2019 to help them continue what was an already meteoric rise in the beverage industry. It’s gone pretty damn good considering THE beverage industry magazine, BevNet, voted Liquid Death as Marketer of the Year for ALL brands in the beverage category. Fucken boom.

Liquid Death's
Greatest Hates

Liquid Death has a lot of haters.

People get upset when you have a strong point of view, so it makes sense.

We took the most hateful comments the brand has received and turned them into a REAL metal album. Greatest Hates is 10 angry songs with lyrics straight from the mouths of trolls. The video was made Covid friendly with stock footage and a remote VO session. And the brand has already sold out of its first pressing of 1000 vinyl records, and you can listen to the album now on Spotify or Apple Music. The whole thing cost less than about the same as a low-mileage 2010 Honda Accord (no sunroof, but with the stereo upgrade). 

Keep the Underworld Beautiful

Liquid Death asked us to come up with a way to talk about their #DeathToPlastic sustainability message, while still staying true to their metal music roots. So we created a new platform called "Keep The Underworld Beautiful".


The center piece is a film featuring the demons of the underworld, imploring humans to quit using plastic bottles as they're filtering down to Hell, ruining it's delicate ecosystem.The platform also includes, a forthcoming music festival, and the world's first ever Instagram carousel video game.

Certified Cursed

For Halloween, we hired a real witch to curse all of Liquid Death's inventory. So if you drank a LD during the month of October, you were likely cursed to become a magnet for demons. But don't worry, we sold the antidote spell in the merch store for .99 cents. October became the brand's best performing month to date.

The 4th Of July Pee Analysis

Ostensibly, the 4th of July is the most dehydrated day of the year for many of us. So, as a brand that cares very much about hydration, of course Liquid Death would hire an actual hydration specialist then invite people to post pictures of their urine on social for our doctor to examine and offer hydration suggestions. Fortunately for the initiative, thousands of people posted pics and video of their urine. Unfortunately for the poor friends of our fans, thousands of fans posted pics and video of their urine.


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