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Marketing isn’t about reaching everyone— it’s about reaching the right ones.
When everything had to go right, we chose to do everything wrong.

How a shoe company no one wanted to like, created a shoe that no one needed, then made all the “wrong” marketing decisions and won virtually every award in the book, posting industry leading sales goals. Plus Kanye tweeted about it, unprompted.

K-SWISS, maker of the shoes your weed dealer probably wore, jogged into the training shoe market with Tubes--a dubiously named shoe featuring, well, tubes, across the length of the sole. With a marketing budget that paled in comparison to Nike’s, and a razor thin margin for error the brand had one shot.


And they took it.

Rather than spend the budget on a great athlete, as competitor shoe brands do, we chose a terrible one who was also not a real athlete at all.

Enter Kenny Powers
of HBO’s cult hit
Eastbound and Down.

He’s everything you would NEVER want in a spokesperson if you were trying to beat Nike at their own game, which K-SWISS wasn't.


But they did.

Turns out Kenny Powers was perfect for our target.

Two campaigns of Kenny Powers shilling a shoe that had everything working against it worked flawlessly. Tubes were constantly sold out during the campaign and K-Swiss knocked Nike off the top perch of the shoe buzz charts for the first time ever.

The campaign won top honors at Cannes, The One Show, The D&AD’s and Matt Heath (our CEO) became a writer on Eastbound and Down at the request of Danny McBride and his partner, Jody Hill.


Increase in brand awareness 

Beat Nike

Overtaking the brand on the shelves of Footlocker and other retailers.


Unsolicited, Tweeted his love for the work.


1x Cannes Gold Lion

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People's Choice Webby Award

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Black and Yellow D&AD Pencils


3x One Show Gold Pencils