Erbert & Gerberts

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Every brand has a soul, not every brand has found it.

How we helped a lost Mid-West sandwich chain find it’s place in a crowded and loud category to the tune of 8% sales increase and counting.

At the end of 2017, Erbert and Gerbert’s knew it had lost it’s way. Declining sales, scattered marketing, and an understandably restless franchisee base were part of the largest downward trend in the brand’s 35-year history.


Our solution: In a category dominated by competitor’s functional messaging, we leveraged the brand’s unique products (sandwiches made of unheard of ingredients) to appeal to consumers emotionally. Fast, fresh, or toasted does not a sandwich make--A sandwich is a sum of it’s parts, and those parts should be a culinary adventure.

We created a new platform:

A multi-faceted campaign that espoused the brand’s sandwich love in social, digital, broadcast, radio, and OOH.

Enter a perfectly weird spokes sandwich, Kyle.
The campaign made an immediate impact.

A once scattered brand was instantly unified and focused. Franchisees reported an overnight increase in sales eventually hitting an 8% increase over same-store sales from the year before and that’s showing no signs of stopping.


The most recent LTO outperformed the previous high-bar by 75% and has prompted the brand to return to an LTO model that it had previously abandoned due to slagging sales.


Sales Increase


Higher performance than recent high-bar standards.


Franchise Growth